0th Root Secure Network
X509 Certificate
Simple, Secure User Management
An easy to use two-factor authentication system for your organization. Try it now and secure your servers at ease with 0SNet.
0th Root Web SSH
Terminal over HTTP/SSL
XTerm 256 Colors
Server-side Session
Loadable Authentication modules
A Web SSH client which provides a full fledged terminal on the web browser to manage remote hosts seemlessly.


Started in 2010, as an independent research, 0th Root was setup with a simple website to distribute software and provide documentation for users. Initially, our research involved understanding the SSH protocol and developing a library which can manage multiple servers remotely.

However, in the last few years, our research has expanded to include X.509 certificates and how they can be used for two-factor authentication.


0th Root Software Research Private Limited was registered as a private company in April of 2013 to continue the research as an organization. It is headquarted in Chennai, India, and currently run out of a small office.


Our goal is to research and create new technologies in the field of computer software to help shift the Indian economy towards a product oriented growth.

0th Root Secure Network (0SNet)
An easy to use two-factor authentication system for your organization. It works similar to a Web SSL VPN and secures your internal web resources. However, It has several advantages of its own such as the ability to enable two-factor authentication even for specific web pages of a public website.
Accessing internal websites securely has now become very easy. A simple alternative to VPN that runs over HTTP/SSL.
X.509 (SSL) Certificate
HTTP/SSL secures web browsing using X.509 certificates. All users of 0SNet will be issued a X.509 certificate which they will need to present to gain access to internal websites.
User Manager
A simple and secure user management system is provided with 0SNet. An administrator can add new users and send certificates to their email address in a secure manner.

Deleting users and revoking access to users has never been easier. By a click of a button, users can be deleted and they can no longer access the network.

Authentication (Step One)

Authentication (Step Two)

Users need to identify themselves using their certificate, failing to do so will result in connection failure.

Certificates are generated specifically for your organization and for that user. Hence, when prompted for a certificate, the user will be able to look at the certificate details and confirm his certificate before authenticating with it.

On presenting a valid certificate, the user is required to perform the second level of authentication using username and password.

When adding users, a password is automatically generated for each user. This generated password can be changed by the user after logging into account page.


0SNet is free to use but is limited by number of users. However, additional users can be purchased at anytime.

Since the software is free to use, you can install it for your organization and try it right away. A detail information of the product along with installation, configuration and purchasing options can be found in the user guide.

User Guide
0th Root Web SSH (0wlSSH)
A secure HTTP/SSL server which provides a terminal on the web browser to allow login to remote hosts over SSH.
Terminal over HTTP/SSL
Web SSH server accepts input over HTTP/SSL and translates them to standard terminal input for Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol. It is fully functional and supports all the features of a typical virtual terminal, including window resizing, copy-paste and scroll history.
XTerm 256 Colors
Recently, support for terminal type xterm-256color was added. This allows supported commands to use 256 color palette to highlight the output.
Server-side Session
Due to the stateless nature of the HTTP protocol, Web SSH server needs to maintain a state for the web browser. Interestingly, this allows for the user to restore a SSH session in a new browser after providing the necessary authentication.
Loadable Modules
All requests to Web SSH server need to be authenticated through a loadable module. To integrate Web SSH with an existing authentication mechanism, a loadable module can be easily developed.

Fully Configurable


A demo server for Web SSH is available for testing purposes.

And, the product document provides, an outline on the benefits of using Web SSH, a brief overview of its technical architecture and how it compares to traditional SSH tools.


Web SSH server is highly configurable. Almost all components of the system including TCP connections, HTTP request handler, xterm emulator are configurable.

A demo server running 0th Root Web SSH (0wlssh) is available for testing purposes. The password for login is demo.

NOTE: The demo server is run out of an US datacenter, so expect a latency of 250ms from India.

0th Root Shell Installer (0SHIN)
A server management software over Secure Shell (SSH). It is currently under research, and we should have more details soon.
Managing a large number of servers requires a dedicated set of system administrators to perform the daily maintenance and deployments. However, depending on the task involved, this can be a costly and a time consuming job.

We look at, how we can enable system administrators to use their time much more efficiently than perform mundane tasks that can be easily performed by a computer.

Computers can run themselves better in our absence, given the availability of necessary resources. However, to keep a constant check on its activites, system administrators should hold the key for the access.


A service that utilizes 0th Root Shell Installer has been developed. Please check out the same on our Verbose website.

0th Root See (0See)
A simple command line utility to run any command inside a virtual terminal to protect it from terminal hangups. This can be very useful when working remotely.
Similar to terminal multiplexers such as screen and tmux, 0see implements a terminal emulator. However, 0see is not a multiplexer and it is primarily intended to protect commands run on the terminal from hangups.

Consider this as a modern replacement for nohup

Simple to use
Running a command under 0see is very simple and it integrates well with bash shell. It manages stop/continue signals very well and, can manage output redirection and pipes to the extent that is possible.
Remote Session
Comes equipped with tools to protect your remote bash sessions. By simply adding a line to the bashrc file, one can protect remote sessions from terminal hangups.

It also implements something called terminal probes to ensure that connections remains active and the remote session isn't idle for too long.

In the example shown, command nc -l 3000 is first run under 0see and detached. After detach, the command continues to run and its ID can be obtained by running 0seelist.

In the end, to attach to the process again, 0see is run with only the process ID.


0See is free to use and a download link for the same can be found in our documentation page.

0th Root SSH (0rtSSH)
A SSH 2.0 client to access and manage large number of servers at once. It features a multi-session view for easier access and input broadcasting to run commands on multiple SSH sessions simultaneously.
Multiple Sessions
Unlike most other SSH clients, 0rtSSH allows you to connect to multiple remote hosts at once.
Split Screen
Viewing multiple SSH sessions at once couldn't have been easier
Input Broadcasting
Performing the same task on multiple machines is now seemless since you can broadcast the keyboard input to all active SSH sessions.
Split Screen
Split Screen allows viewing multiple SSH sessions at once. The window is split evenly both horizontally and vertically depending on the number of sessions that need to be shown.

This can be helpful, if you would like to monitor activity on one session while performing a task over another.

By enabling SCC (Split Carbon Copy) mode, keyboard input is broadcast to all sessions that are currently viewable in Split Screen.

Ready to use

Download it right away and try it on your machine. To know more about the features and options available, please refer to the man page.

Man Page Download

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